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Trish Stratus Iconstillness

A Trish Stratus icontest

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Welcome to trish_stillness
Welcome to trish_stillness, an icontest community on LJ for Trish Stratus fans. Maintainer here is scarlet_braids

Listed at

Icontest Rules

~You MUST be a member of this community to participate in the challenges.
~No animation allowed.
~No anonymous voting.
~All icons submitted must not have been made previously for other contests.
~Icons must fit LJ standards, i.e. 100x100, less than 40kb & JPG or PNG format.
~Only members allowed to enter challenges.
~Always read individual rules for each challenge.
~All the entries must remain anonymous until the end of the voting. This means that you cannot post your entries anywhere else until winners are announced.
~Ask creator's permission to use icons & credit.
~In the interest of fairness you may NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! or ask your friends to come in and vote for you; submissions will also be disqualified from the contest if :
(i) The correct format for submission of entries (which is clearly stated on the info page)is not followed.
(ii) Members that submit icons do not participate in the voting.
~If I find evidence that you have used unfair practice in the weekly voting, you will be BANNED permanently from this community.
~Post your entries as a comment to the challenge post in this format:

~ Votes are tallied by polls in this community to determine 1st-3rd place. If there is a 3 way or more tie between one placement, those icons are then put into a tie breaker to determine the best of that particular group for placing.

~ For each challenge there will be a Mod's Choice (10+ entries)& Best Coloring award.

~Get creative & have fun!

Fridays ~ Deadline for all submissions.
Saturdays ~ Voting begins.
Mondays ~ Voting ends.
Sat-Fri ~ Submit your entries
Challenge types

Types of challenges that this community will have:

~Photo - A picture or a few pictures will be given and you will have to make icons from that specific picture for the challenge.
~ Hush - (combination of all challenges the exception being lyrical) Icons cannot contain any 'readable' text. Tiny text brushes are acceptable though.
~ Trish with *insert name here* - This challenge will be for icons of Trish with other wrestlers/divas featured in the icon. For example: Trish with Lita. Icon's must feature Trish and Lita together.
~ Freelance - An icon challenge where you will be allowed to do whatever you wish for that week. Icons feature any picture of Trish you want, and you can do what you want with it. (again, no animation though)
~ Grayscale - This challenge will be for icons in grayscale (black and white) only. No color.
~ Lyrical - Speaks for itself. I'll provide lyrics to a song and you'll have to use part of the lyrics on your icon submission.
~ Colour - You must incorporate the named colour into your icon(s). It must stand out, meaning that if you're using red, there should be more red in the icon than Trish's lips. For example, you can use the colour as a theme within the icon, use it in the fonts/brushes or have Trish wearing something that matches the named colour.

Note: There will be wide interpretation of these challenges. They are not set in stone as far as they've been outlined them above. Each individual challenge will be explained in detail as they are posted. For example: If a lyrical challenge is posted, I will either provide a photo for everyone to use, or I will let you choose your own photo to use. If there are any questions about anything at anytime just leave me a comment or drop me an email.


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Please feel welcome to take a link button from below, upload to your server and add the url for the community ( http://community.livejournal.com/trish_stillness/profile )

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Many thanks to pixar_eve for originally founding this community in 2006

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide